Here we explain terms often used by Prof. Kuku Cash during his lectures and presentations.

Kukology [ku·kol·o·gy] A new cult founded by Prof. Kuku Cash and characterized by a belief in his own power over everyone else to confuse people’s minds until they go kuku

kuku [ku·ku] crazy, insane, out of control

Kukufication [ku·ku·fi·ca·tion] The act of brainwashing and driving someone into insanity by repeating the same nonsense over and over again

Kukufixion [ku·ku·fix·ion] The act of ending someone’s life by using intense kukufication

Kukupedia [ku·ku·pe·di·a] A comprehensive reference work containing articles on a wide range of subjects related to Kukology, usually arranged alphabetically

Core team [core·team] A group of 12 (originally 13) individuals, who are extremely powerful, but have no say, similar to the incredible Hulk on valium. According to Prof. Kuku Cash, even a murderer or an adultress can be part of the core team, as their souls are correct, and physicality has no meaning

Nymphomania [nym·pho·ma·ni·a] A neurotic condition in which the symptoms are a compulsion to have sexual intercourse with as many partners as possible and an inability to have lasting relationships with them, or what we call “our natural state”

Schizophrenia [schiz·o·phre·ni·a] Any of a group of psychiatric disorders associated with dopamine imbalance in the brain and usually characterized by psychotic behavior including delusions, hallucinations, withdrawal from reality, and disorganized patterns of thinking and speech, or what we call “not a disease”

Schizophrenics [schiz·o·phren·ix] what we call “the nice people”

Soul [soul] The essential part or fundamental nature of anything, made of Plosmix

what we call [what·we·call] known by Prof. Kuku Cash as

To be continued…